Children's activities - Oundle School Sports Centre

Oundle Track Tigers - Book Now!

Athletics courses - get fitter, run further and get faster.

  • Taster Session Weds 2nd June! Book now
  • Suitable for children 5-13 years
  • Introductory 5 week Course starting Weds 9th June
  • From £7.00 per session

Oundle Young Kickers - Book Now!

Football courses - it's all about the team, the goal and the control.

  • Suitable for 5-11 Years
  • Introductory 5 week Course starting 13th June
  • From £7.00 per session

Children's Rugby Tasters - Book Now!

We will be launching children's rugby courses, developing passing, kicking, throwing and decision making!

  • Suitable for 5-16 Years
  • Introductory 3 week Course starting Sat 12th June
  • From £7.00 per session
Pool & Swim

Fun Splash Party

A party with the pool filled with floats, mats and toys.

  • Fun-filled pool session
  • Floats
  • Music
  • Aged 5+
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Pool & Swim

Inflatable Party

Great fun can be had battling through inflatable walls, boulders and a slide.

  • Twin inflatable obstacle course on the water
  • Aged 8+
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Sports Party

We offer a variety of sport specific parties as well as multi-sport options. Sport specific packages include:

  • Football party
  • Basketball party
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